Special Events & Fundraisers

Every year the Conservatory produces a top-notch line-up of special events that are perfect for every age! From tots and toddlers to moms and grandparents, the Conservatory offers a dynamic set of unique experiences centered around our impressive plant collection.

Some of our most popular events are fundraising events that benefit the Conservatory’s programs and activities.  Take a look through some of our events from years past and make sure to save the date for next year so you don’t miss out on some of our most exciting and innovative programs to date!

Beer Under Glass

Beer Under Glass invites attendees to sample  local craft beer while enjoying exclusive, after-hours access to the Conservatory. Produced in partnership with ICBG. Ticket proceeds help support our programs.

Beer Under Glass 2021

Beer Under Glass 2019

Beer Under Glass 2018

Beer Under Glass 2017


FLEUROTICA sits at the crossroads of fashion and botany with a runway show on par with Heidi Klum’s Project Runway. Treat yourself to a night of creativity, beauty and feats of design with plant-based full looks and accessories. Learn more!

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Harvest Day

This annual family-friendly special event showcases the diversity of our programmatic offerings from beekeeping and composting to organic gardening and nature play. Harvest Day is on hiatus for 2021.

Creatures of the Night

The Conservatory goes all out for Halloween with a bevy of animal guests and activities in this hands-on event!  Creatures of the Night is on hiatus in 2021.

Sweet Saturday

Discover the tropical treats and taste your way through Garfield Park Conservatory. Sweet Saturday is on hiatus in 2022.