Who We Are

The Garfield Park Conservatory houses three different organizations within its walls: E_HARVEST15_front of conservatory

  1. The Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance (GPCA)
  2. The Chicago Park District (CPD)
  3. The Garfield Park Community Council (GPCC)

The staff members differ in their expertise, from floriculturists and foremen, to educators and accountants, to community organizers, but work together to provide the public and surrounding community with innovative programs, a thriving collection, and educational opportunities year-round.  The facility and plant collection are owned and managed by the Chicago Park District, while the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance provides educational programming, interpretation and fundraising for the facility, and the Garfield Park Community Council works to revitalize and empower the Garfield Park community.  Despite our separate organizations, we all work together to make the Garfield Park Conservatory a destination for all Chicagoans and a resource for our immediate community.