Group Visits

What’s considered a group?

We’re so glad you asked!  A group is 10 or moregroup of happy people  people attending the Conservatory together.  This could be a school field trip, a retirement home trip, botanical enthusiasts, girl scouts, etc.  No matter your reason for visiting, if you plan to visit the Conservatory with 9 additional people, you’re considered a group! To ensure your group has everything it needs and a fantastic trip, you must book your trip ahead of time by choosing one of the options below.

We’re so excited to host your group at the Conservatory!

School Field Trips

Visit with 10 or more students from a school in one group.

Youth Group Visits

Visit with 10 or more children in one group. Not a field trip.

Adult Group Visits

Visit with 10 or more adults and less than 10 children in one group.

Parties & Other Group Gatherings

Throw a party at the Conservatory!