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beekeeping demoThe Conservatory is a great place to visit, and a fantastic place to find resources for all ages! Whether you’re a parent looking for a nature-based activity to engage your child, a teacher planning a self-guided field trip, or an adult looking for growing and green living tips, we have something just for you. Our resource center is new, so keep checking back for additional resources and/or sign up for our e-newsletter to find out about new resources right when they are posted.

Teacher Resources

We have an array of resources developed and compiled with teachers like you in mind! We know that you’ve got more than enough to do without creating specialized activities for field trips, so we’ve done some of the work on your behalf!

Peruse the options below and choose what works best for you and your students. And remember: Studies show that the best way to get the most out of a field trip is to connect it to your classroom curriculum through pre- and post-visit activities!

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Lesson Plans

We’re excited to offer a few in-depth lesson plans based on our plant collection for those who want to go deeper. Check back in the next few months for additional plant-based lessons.

Chocolate Lesson K-2
Chocolate Lesson 3-5
Pollination Lesson 6-8


Plant Highlights

Each month we’ll add another resource that provides extended information on specific plants within our collection. This resource is perfect for a family interested in delving into one plant, or for a teacher planning a self-guided trip to the Conservatory.

April: Globalization (sugarcane, black pepper, banana plant)

Themed Resources

These collections of resources developed around particular science themes are a great way to organize your students’ experience before, during, and after your self-guided field trip. All themed resources are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and are scale-able to your grade level.

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Growing and Green Living

Did you recently attend a program or event at the Conservatory find yourself with a question after you left? This page aims to provide common information and resources to help answer your questions.

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Digital Tours

Access your very own, on-demand tour guide! Use your smartphone or tablet to navigate at your own pace, and soak up as much information as you desire with images, video and audio features. New tours are added regularly, with options for the individual visitor and the whole family.

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Interested in digging a little deeper into nature with your kids? We’ve got just the thing! Whether it’s at home with the family, in the classroom with your students, or during a visit to the Conservatory, we’ve developed a set of activities that are sure to be favorites for kids of all ages.

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Scavenger Hunts

Download one of our free scavenger hunts to deepen your next visit!  Scavenger hunts can offer a little structure to your trip and provide multiple opportunities for children to connect with our collection.  You and your family, or your classroom, can hone your scientific skills as you hunt for specific plants, make observations, and compare and contrast different plants.

Scavenger hunts are benchmarked to Next Generation Science Standards for your convenience.

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