Photo Gallery

Learning with a Docent

Our docents are great at keeping students engaged. Here they are in Sugar from the Sun learning about the pineapple plant.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Teen docents work together to review plant information before working with visiting field trip groups.


Students are encouraged to interact with our plants with multiple senses (no tasting, though!).

Jump for Joy!

We love Urban Roots!

Docent Tour

Students learn about how banana plants grow.

In the Classroom

Teens prepare for the End of Summer Celebration, which celebrates the culmination of the summer internship component of the program.

Field Trip

At the Lincoln Park Conservatory for a field trip.

Rock Climbing

Teens try their hand at rock climbing on their team building retreat.

Trust Falls

Building trust on their retreat!

Always Learning

There are always more interesting plants to learn about at the Conservatory!


Weeding and watering are a part of the regular gardening maintenance that the teens do over the summer.

STEM Lessons

STEM lessons are a big part of Urban Roots–teens work hard learning about plant biology and the science behind gardening.