Photography at the Conservatory

Thank you for your interest in the Garfield Park Conservatory. The following is the Conservatory’s filming and photography policy as required by the Chicago Park District.

Personal Use

Visitors are welcome to take photographs of the Garfield Park Conservatory, which include casual photos of people or of the plant collection, all taken for their personal use. Posed photos of people using the garden as the backdrop is considered non-commercial photography; see below for examples and how to purchase a non-commercial use photo permit.

Media/Photography Permits

A Media/Photography Permit is required for any of the following activities occurring on Chicago Park District property:

  • Commercial photography or filming: this includes photos or filming for advertising, catalog photos, publication, etc.
  • Filming or photography for non-commercial use: this includes wedding, family, engagement, graduation, quinceañera, prom, senior photos or other photo where the garden setting is the backdrop. A permit is needed regardless of whether the photographer is a family member, professional, etc.
  • Filming or Photography for documentary or Web-based media
  • Filming or photography for student project use (student applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited school to obtain a student media permit)

For additional information visit the Chicago Park District Media Permits Division website or call the Park District, Department of Revenue directly at 312-742-5369.

How to Apply for a Media Permit

Media/Photography permits are issued from the Chicago Park District Department of Revenue office, which generally operates Monday – Friday. We highly recommend applying for your permit early as there are limited permits available at any given time.

Visit the Chicago Park Districts Media/Photography page to determine the permit fee amount and pay the non-refundable permit fee. Once the fee is paid, you have three days to complete the Media Permit Application, on which you note your receipt number.

News Media Confirmation Permit

If you would like to conduct a professional journalism-based activity to take place on park property, please contact the Chicago Park District Department of Communications at 312-742-4786.