School Field Trips

We can’t wait to host your school group at the Garfield Park Conservatory!

We believe that field trips are an important way for students to make connections between the classroom and the real world, and to deepen their learning across subject areas. We are here to provide an exciting and educational experience for your group, and look forward to helping you plan an engaging and meaningful field trip to our facility.

Taking a field trip at the Conservatory is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose your field trip experience from the three options below. Your field trip experience determines what your students will learn about on your trip and the types of resources you’ll receive from us.

  2. Book your trip by clicking the big green button!

Please note: If your desired trip time and date are not visible, that means those dates and times are already booked by other groups. Please choose a different date and time. Additionally, any youth group that books their visit as an adult group will be automatically CANCELLED.

2017 School Orientation Themes

Each field trips starts with an introduction to a specific facet of botany, complete with authentic specimens and knowledge staff. Check below to see what topic your group will discover on your next visit!

January – Unexpected Pollinators • February – Medicinal Plants  • March – Seed Dispersal Adaptations
April – Globalization  • May – Root Adaptations  • June – Bird & Bat Pollinators
July – Symbiotic Relationships  • August – Stem Adaptations  • September – Rhizomes and Epiphytes
October – Cooking  • November – Leaf Adaptations  • December – Plant Products

Intro to Plants Experience

This is the perfect experience for teachers who are looking to introduce or review basic plant parts and their functions with their students of all ages! The Conservatory offers a wide range of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds for students to explore and touch. It’s the ideal location for authentic, hands-on learning.

Download and print experience here!

Pollination Experience

Looking for an easy way to explain plant reproduction? Look no further! At the Conservatory we’ve got a dynamic set of pollinator stories that go beyond the humble bumble bee. Choose this experience if you’re looking to take your students to the next level of pollination.

Download and print experience here!

Plant Adaptations Experience

Take your students on a fascinating journey through time as you explore how plants have adapted to different environments throughout the years! Investigate convergent evolution in the desert house, discover why Carnivorous plants eat insects, and discuss the dynamic differences between plants!

Download and print experience here!

Teen-Led Guided Tour

Interested in working with a well-trained, near peer docent on your visit? Do you teach 2nd through 5th grade? Sign up here to indicate your interest in our teen docent tours and we’ll be in touch soon!

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [MA-20-16-0031-16].

Thank you to:
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