Plant Videos

Over the course of the summer, Urban Roots Teen Docents research, script, produce, and film plant videos. This project enables our teens to both better understand the plants in our collection and to practice communicating their knowledge through video. After researching plants of their choice and putting together scripts, docents go out into the collection with iPads to create their videos. The teens advance their communication skills by speaking to the camera about their favorite plants. Being able to learn from their mistakes on video, as well as getting critical feedback from their peers, helped them develop informative videos that also served to prep them for tours. This project was a lesson in teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of preparation and practice. Click the links below to learn from our docents about some of our amazing plants!

Samoan Tectaria          Chewing Gum Tree

Calathea                      Polka Dot Plant

Variegated Swedish Ivy