Adult Group Visits

Thank you for choosing the Conservatory for your group visit. 

We are excited to welcome adult groups to the Conservatory for visits. 

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How do I know if I have an “Adult Group”?

An adult group is considered a group if:

  1. The group consists of 25 – 65 people.
  2. The group consists of more adults than children.
  3. The visit is focused on the adult experience, not the child’s experience.

Adult groups who visit on weekdays may request an orientation.  Please contact or call 773-638-1766 x 25 for more information.

Group Visit Details: 

Groups with a maximum of 65 people are welcome to visit the Conservatory & Gardens. Groups must pre-register for a visit. Click the green Book Now button below for available dates and times. Note: If your desired time and date is not visible, it is unavailable. Please choose a different date and time.


*Tour program currently on pause. Please hold all inquiries about Private Group Tours until program resumes. Check back periodically for updates*

The visit to the Conservatory & Gardens is self-guided, however we do offer Private Group Tours for a fee.  Please contact or call 773-638-1766 x.25 for more information on pricing, availability, and theme options.


Admission is free, however a $10 donation per adult is appreciated. All groups must pre-register at least one week in advance, though earlier is recommended to ensure the date and time you prefer is available.

Please note that this booking is only for entry to the Conservatory. If you would like to reserve a room for a private party, please contact Joan Colon:


Please arrive on time. Upon arrival, send one person from the group to check in at the front desk.

Parking and Buses

Free parking is available in the Visitor Lot just south of the Conservatory on Central Park and Lake. Bus drivers may drop off and pick up directly in front of the Conservatory. If your bus drivers choose to wait for you, they may park in the rear of the parking lot. Buses are not permitted to remain parked on the street in front of the Conservatory.


Enjoy 2 acres of gardens under glass as well as approximately 10 acres of outdoor gardens. If your group is interested in the Artist’s Garden, that will need to be booked separately. Use your senses (except taste) to interact with our extensive collection. For the young at heart, please also use our download-able pre and post-visit lessons, themed experiences, scavenger hunts, activities, and digital tours to help you structure your self-guided exploration!


Tables and chairs in Horticulture Hall are not to be used for large gatherings for extended periods of time.  Please be mindful of other guests and limit your use of tables and chairs to 30 minutes.

If you would like to reserve a room for a private party, please contact Joan Colon:

If you would like to reserve the lunchroom for your group tour it is available to book for a fee on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You can add on a lunchroom in our booking platform, Xola.

Other Notes

The Conservatory can become very warm, so plan accordingly. During the summer and fall, bug spray can be a helpful item to have on hand.

There are no balls, frisbees, balloons, kites, or confetti allowed inside the Conservatory or on Conservatory grounds.

Questions? Contact or call 773.638.1766 x 25 to speak with Zoe Gaura, School & Groups Program Coordinator.