Youth Group Visits

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Starting June 30th, 2021, we are excited to welcome youth and camp groups to the Conservatory for summer visits. 

The Conservatory is a fantastic place to bring a group, no matter the age, ability, religion or hobby! We require groups of 10 or more to please register in advance of your visit. This not only alerts us to your presence at the Conservatory, but enables us to provide the best possible experience for your group.

Group Visit Details: 

At this time, groups with a maximum of 25 people are welcome to visit the Conservatory. Groups with children must refer to the chaperone requirements. One group will be welcome every 90 minutes (10am, 11:30am, 1pm, and 2:30pm) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Any changes to this policy will be updated here and on the Covid-19 Updates/FAQ page. 

Groups will receive a brief staff-led orientation when they arrive. Staff will also be able to assist with any booking questions or needs before the visit. The visit itself is self-guided. 

Admission for all groups is free. All groups must pre-register at least two weeks in advance of their trip. Trips are open for booking between June 30th and August 26th.  

Before registering for a group visit, please read through these FAQs. Please also refer to the general visit FAQs for more details about current regulations for Conservatory visits. Your group will be expected to adhere to all rules at the Conservatory. Last minute trip requests after the two-week advance window are subject to availability.  


Please arrive on time to the Conservatory and look for the Groups sign. Upon arrival, there will be a staff person outside waiting for your group who will give a short orientation in front of the building. In inclement weather, the orientation will happen inside the building. Do not come inside before checking in with GPC staff unless it is raining. 

Late entries are not permitted due to capacity limitations. 


Bus drivers may drop off and pick up directly in front of the Conservatory. If your bus drivers choose to wait for you, they may park in the rear of the parking lot south of the building, on Central Park and Lake. Buses are not permitted to remain parked on the street in front of the Conservatory. 


Enjoy 2 acres of gardens under glass as well as more than 10 acres of outdoor gardens. If your group is interested in the Artist’s Garden, that will need to be booked separately. Use your senses (except taste) to interact with our extensive collection. For student groups, please also use our download-able pre and post-visit lessons, themed experiences, scavenger hunts, activities, and digital tours to help you structure your self-guided exploration! 


While our group capacity is 25, we expect at least 1 chaperone for every 10 students. For groups of students in 3rd grade or younger, we require 1 chaperone for every 5 students. There may be more chaperones and a smaller number of students, as long as the size of your group does not exceed 25 people. 


Please note that the indoor lunchroom is closed. You may eat on the lawn in our outdoor gardens, weather permitting. Bluestone Terrace has some tables and chairs for eating that are first come, first served, for all visitors. Staff cannot hold lunches for groups, so groups must keep food with them. The gift shop is closed until further notice. Water fountains are not available. 

In the summer, the Conservatory can become very warm, so plan accordingly. 

For Camp and Youth Groups: Expectations & Reminders 

  • Students will remain with their chaperones and stay together as a group or small groups at all times, whether inside the main Conservatory building or outside on the grounds.
  • Students will be mindful of other guests by using quiet voices inside the Conservatory.
  • Students will move at a moderate (slow to moderate) speed at all times while inside the building. 
  • Students will gently touch plants and will not under any circumstances pick any leaves, flowers, fruits, or vegetables. 
  • Students will not feed or attempt to touch the fish or turtles in our ponds. Students must also refrain from throwing rocks or coins into our collections or our ponds.
  • Students, teachers, and chaperones will not gather in walkways, doorways, or in the lobby of the Conservatory. Groups must only gather in the pre-designated gathering spaces as outlined in your orientation.
  • Groups will not bring any balls, Frisbees, or other recreational equipment into the Conservatory
  • Students who destroy, damage, or vandalize any plants, fixtures, or the facility or otherwise disrespect any of Conservatory rules and expectations will be asked to leave immediately. Groups will be held financially and legally responsible for the cost of any damage.